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Gabriela Mendoza alias Gabimelon  is an illustration artist from Venezuela whose artworks capture both the strength and fragility of humans. 

Her story as an artist began from a very young age, under the influence of her father whose career as a photographer led Gabriela into the cultural and artistic side of Caracas. During this period of her life she submerged herself in the world of photography, film, music, and art. By the age of 18, Gabriela had decided to pursue not only her artistic career but also her thirst for knowledge in Europe, and more specifically, France. 

The prematurity of this journey mixed with her strong character allowed Gabriela to prove her determination and to overcome countless obstacles along her journey.

As humans we have impulses and behaviors that are in our human nature.

Based on 18 laws of human nature by Robert Greene, this Expo illustrates the compulsive behavior, the narcissism, the self sabotage, the envy and more.

Come and see if this artwork represents a part of who you are deep inside.

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