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Francisco Abril and Nuria Velasco from Spain are a creative couple, who work together creating artistic collages with gothic surrealism style, paying great attention to details on the images they are layering.

Their artistic minds meet each either in the year 2000 and from that moment on they decided to stay together, found a family and developed their artistic career not as separate minds, but as one : Welder Wings

Even though their journey began a long time ago, it wasn't until a couple of years ago that they began working on their current art project. 

Neither Fracisco nor Nuria studied art, but they considered themselves curious and creative. Before Welder Wings they experimented with other artistic branches, however, this current surrealism project is the one that fulfills them the most, and the project that they feel the most connected to. 

Being Father and mother of a five-year-old girl and their newborn twins of only four months, Welder Wings are an incredibly productive and surprising couple that dedicates their spare time to create wonderful images filled with symbolism and beauty.

This obscure collection of artworks is an artistic symbolic representation of the Memento Mori : A dark reminder of the inevitability of death. Welder wings serve themselves of this concept to honor life with a dark sense of humor. For them, our ephemeral passage on this world must be present in our life in order to help us pick the right choices and enjoy a fulfilling life, accepting that we are not immortal and that every single second must be lived as it was, the last one. 


Serving themselves of vanitas, symbolic objects such as hourglasses, wilting flowers and skulls their artworks are the window from which we can contemplate the impermanence of human life.

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Welder Wings 17.png

Vita brevis breviter in brevi finietur,

Mors venit velociter quae neminem veretur,

Omnia mors perimit et nulli miseretur.

Ad mortem festinamus peccare desistamus.


Ni conversus fueris et sicut puer factus

Et vitam mutaveris in meliores actus,

Intrare non poteris regnum Dei beatus.

Ad mortem festinamus peccare desistamus.

Life is short, and shortly it will end;

Death comes quickly and respects no one,

Death destroys everything and takes pity on no one.

To death we are hastening, let us refrain from sinning.

If you do not turn back and become like a child,


And change your life for the better,

You will not be able to enter, blessed, the Kingdom of God.

To death we are hastening, let us refrain from sinning.


Extract from "The Llibre Vermell" de Montserrat 

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