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EMROD ONE is a young artist born in 1985, in Lille. From a very young age, he discovered art in the biggest districts of Paris and its suburbs.

It is during this period that he plunges in the environment of the graffiti, forming its culture, through adventures and meetings. A growing desire to express himself through art pushes him to join a collective, which encourages him to develop his technique in drawing, then on the walls.

The ephemeral nature of this art form motivates him to begin a quest, which will prove to be the basis of his future work: immortalizing graffiti through photography.

This turning point offers him the opportunity to create a unique technique, in self-taught. His technique honors the essence of graffiti: the Letter.

His work reveals the contrasts of a life and a society on which the artist questions himself and takes a stand. His reflection is an invitation to distance himself from the themes explored.

Beyond the message signified by the text, graffiti is an identity mark.

The style of a "writer" is defined by his letters. It is the essence of the graffiti writer, the letter becomes his message. His work is a modern calligraphy.

The letters free themselves from the constraints, from the norms, to destructure themselves to infinity and offer a show having for limit only the imagination of its author.

The "wildstyle" is a style of graffiti in which the letters are intermingled, merged and extravagant. Their ends are dynamic and can turn into arrows or spikes. Letters are re-imagined; it becomes difficult to decipher a wildstyle to a new eye.

In contrast, the "bubble" (also called flop or throw-up) simplifies the letters to the extreme, keeping only the movement. This circular style with tapered ends is done with speed, often in seconds. The impact of a flop lies in the pattern it forms with the letters

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261786993_1285241458644303_5364812790414138268_n Mosaïque02.jpg

With the creations of Emrod One you have the opportunity to enter the universe of a graffiti artist. In appearance cryptic, it takes the form of mosaics to reveal a message, an aesthetic of street art.

EMROD ONE presents the maturation of his work. To express his calligraphic obsession, he applies his talent, composing images following a mosaic technique, assembling thousands of photographs of the graffiti he has encountered.

With aluminum as a support, he works the letters in different forms and textures, assembling impressive creations. Depending on the version, a work of engraving, acrylic or digital painting is then done, reinforcing the character of each work.

His works find their values in the taking of distance, to create a movement in space, they invite to be analyzed from near and contemplated from far.

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