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Our mission

Vitrivius gallery is an art platform built to sponsor, promote and sell digital artworks. We work like an auction house but simple and cooler! We make online art openings, with music and interviews so people can appreciate and get to know our artists all around the world!


Our primary mission is to create the perfect link for artists and collectionist looking for a legitimate and secure transaction. All of this is possible thanks to the blockchain technology. 


Here below you’ll find the biggest highlights of our work, the service we offer and what makes our platform outstanding! 


Our vision

Through blockchain technology we are able to enhance the artists' works allowing them to focus only on their art, while we do the rest! 


Vitrivius gallery is an exclusive platform with a reliable line-up of selected artists. 

Our featured artists are carefully picked by our team and enjoy numerous benefits. We invest our time and resources in order to help them enjoy the experience of working with us. 


We consider art exhibitions and events as our trademark to deliver personal and unique experiences that are beyond expectation and create long term and loyal relationships between artists and their community. 



Blockchain implication

Vitrivius works on the etherum ecosystem to register the artworks on the blockchain. We launched our own smart contract to manage and secure your tokens in the safest way. 

Thanks to our technology collectors and artists can safely trade their virtual art pieces in our plateformes. This service provides you with the most secure environment to collect and exchange your assets. The art that we mint for you cannot be stolen, miscredited, or lost. 

Our experts will ensure that the blockchain becomes accessible to our users. We take care of the whole process and guarantee our clients with a satisfying experience.


What makes us unique

For artists

We grant our artists the following advantages.


  • Integral sponsorship to mint their artworks on their behalf in the blockchain.

  • Amazing events and art openings in our lovely virtual gallery 

  • A whole month of being exposed and featured throughout our media and social resources. 

  • We connect artists with their fans through  the crypto ecosystem introducing them to a new way of creating and collecting valuable art pieces. 

For collectionist and art lovers: 

This is the right place for you and here you’ll find some of the best reasons to stick around with us: 


  • Experimenting immersive experiences in the metaverse like nothing else out there. 

  • We focus on creating significant connexions between the collectors and the artist

  • We provide you with authentication and reliable assets that are unique and incorruptible. 

  • Vitrivius gallery ensures exclusive and legitimate art pieces from our certified line-up artists. 

If you love art and the creative community this is your place to be.




French entrepreneur since his youngest majority, Victor-Emmanuel knwos how to create the necessary attraction allowing his projects to grow.




The artistic soul of vitruvius, Luisia uses her talents to find and manage the our artists and collections.



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